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New Password Process Protects Identity

In February LTS will be initiating a new process for opening and maintaining Lehigh user accounts (usernames and passwords). This new process, which affects all users, will provide an enhanced degree of identity protection and overall security. Current users will encounter the new process the next time they are required to change passwords or whenever they forget their password and need to reset it.

The new process for account maintenance entails three “challenge” questions – questions that must be answered correctly in order to reset a password. All three challenge questions are created by the user. The new process for opening an account no longer utilizes social security numbers or birthdates but now requires a Lehigh Identification Number (LIN) and a Banner PIN number as well as the three challenge questions.

In addition the entire interface has been redesigned to ensure that it is as intuitive as possible. Client Services computer consultants and the Help Desk will be assisting new and current users with the process.

--Susan A. Cady
  LTS Director for Administrative and Planning Services

Article posted January 2006

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